Kid-Friendly Mindfulness Pack

Every day, we encounter situations that can upset us. These situations might fill us with worry and panic. Or they might lead us to angry shouting and tears. Kids experience negative thoughts and anxiety too, especially in difficult times or when their routines are disrupted. Mindfulness is a great way for us to practice how to be calm and relaxed and to learn that our thoughts and emotions don’t need to rule our minds.

This packet includes several kid-friendly mindfulness exercises and activities, like: 

  • Learning how to create and use a glitter jar to calm your mind;
  • Scanning your body to understand how you feel;
  • Practicing daily gratitude;
  • And more!

Ultimately, we all have the ability to feel calm and at peace, no matter what kinds of thoughts happen to be in our mind at any moment. Mindfulness practices help both adults and children feel calm amid thoughts that come and go.

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